Fee policy (Clinical)

The Clinical Psychology Australia Clinic is a fee-paying service. Please note that fees are to be paid on the day of the appointment (prior to the session), and a 50% fee will be charged for cancellations with less than 24 hours-notice and full charge if no notification is received of cancellation prior to session. There will also be a 10% charge on after-hours appointments (after 5:00pm).

Assessment sessions may require up to three sessions, individual treatment sessions last for approximately 50 minutes. Treatment sessions are generally held weekly, although this is not always the case. Individual treatments are planned to take about 12 to 20 weeks. Clients are generally not taken on for treatment without an initial assessment session or in the case of a minor without a parent session.

Individual treatment (50 mins)


NDIS application form completion$800

Group programs

Variable on group 

Full educational assessment


QuesitonnairesAs per form cost

Attendance at meetings

$275 per 50 minutes

Letters of support (E.g., NDIS, funding, special consideration

See session rate, as per time required

Please feel free to contact the practice principal (Clare Major 0409 211 882) if you have any queries or are experiencing financial hardship so that we can arrange a payment plan.