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Landlord and Tenant Wellbeing Alert

Taking care of yourself during the Covid-19 pandemic is more important than ever.

At this time, Landlords and tenants alike are feeling the pressure of uncertainty; not knowing whether you can make bank or rent payments, reduction in income, feeling the pressures of not meeting expectation and commitments, relationship stress and health worries and simply not knowing 

You may be experiencing some symptoms of acute stress and low mood including:

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Things you can do to support yourself.

If you are experiencing any stress symptoms we are committed to supporting you through a partnership with Clinical Psychology Australia. Clinical Psychology Australia is able to offer evidence-based support to our clients at no cost through the Medicare Mental Health Care Plan. If you would like to discuss our offer further through a confidential discussion with one of Clinical Psychology Australia expert psychologists please call Clare on 0409 211992

Once again, we value your wellbeing as our client and will do all we can do to support you at this time

Jacobs Lowe and Bennetts in partnership with Clinical Psychology Australia
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