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Life has ups and downs, but sometimes it can feel like we’re consistently hitting the lows. Simply existing is not okay – we all deserve to feel loved, connected and accepted. Humans are the sum of their experiences, and each person’s journey is entirely unique. That’s why we take the time to truly understand you and your symptoms before we develop a tailored plan to guide you to emotional clarity.

Reasons to see a psychologist

Sometimes we may recognise feelings of anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions within ourselves, but other times we might not be too sure why we feel the way we do. There are many reasons that may trigger you to seek the support of a psychologist to help you better understand yourself, your emotions, and guide you to a happier, healthier mindset. Some of the things you may be feeling could include;

Reasons to see a psychologist

  • “I just don’t feel right” 
  • “I can’t get traction in life” 
  • “I feel flat, but I’m not depressed” 
  • “I just don’t enjoy things anymore” 
  • “I don’t like my children anymore” 
  • “Things aren’t right, but I don’t know why” 
  • “I’m tired all the time” 
  • “Things don’t go my way” 
  • “I’m not sure if I’m happy in my relationship” 
  • “I don’t feel confident mentally / physically”

Group Telehealth support sessions

Clinical Psychology Australia is introducing a number of support groups during the current Covid-19 restrictions. For our active clients with a mental health care plan these group sessions will be bulk billed. The aim of these sessions are to provide a safe forum in which to explore challenges, barriers and roadblocks we are experiencing during this time. You may be experiencing:

  • Difficulties motivating yourself to get your work or study done
  • Low mood
  • Frustration with home schooling
  • Relational conflict
  • Disinterest in things you used to enjoy & boredom
  • Difficulties concentrating
  • Emotional volatility
  • Comfort eating and increased alcohol consumption
  • Reduced fitness
  • Sleep disruption
  • Increased anxiety including difficulties controlling worry

Groups being offered

At present we’re offering two different group options.

Home schooling with heart – me, my sanity & my children

In this group we will collaboratively explore the challenges of home schooling and supporting your children during Covid-19 restrictions.

Cultivating mindfulness

In this group we will explore the current challenges of studying and working in restriction. We will develop some practical process to support a more conscious way of living during this time.

Joining the group sessions

This groups will have a maximum of ten participants and each group will be facilitated by our principle psychologist.

What to expect

Before you visit

We ask you to complete a range of screening assessments online prior to your first appointment. This is so we can get a better understanding of you and your reasons for visiting prior to meeting you.

First session

The goal for our first session together is to better understand each other. As much as it’s important that we understand the feelings and experiences that brought you to Clinical Psychology Australia, it’s also vital that you are able to make an informed decision about whether we are the right fit for you. We’ll ask some basic questions to start the session to help explore the presenting emotions. These may be centred around biological and medical experience; predisposing factors; current lifestyle choices; and current relationships. We’ll also explore what brought you here right in this moment and what has kept you going until now. You are welcome to ask us anything to get to know us better, too.

After this, we will review our notes from our discussion, make a diagnosis and create a personalised treatment plan. We can then advise how regularly we should meet.

Between each session

We can help you during our sessions together, but the best way to help yourself is to put in the time and effort to implement strategies between each meeting. This may include keeping a thought diary; practicing relational skills; monitoring emotional states; observing your behaviours’ challenging unhelpful thinking patterns; diet monitoring; practicing mindfulness strategies; or implementing sleep hygiene practices.

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