KONTAKT Social Skills Toolbox

Empowering connections

What is KONTAKT?

KONTAKT is a group-based social skills toolbox program for children, teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This evidenced-based program was developed in 2007 by clinical researchers to target school-aged children with ASD. The program holds proven efficacy across Europe and has now been adapted for delivery in an Australian context. The program aims to develop and improve participants communication skills and social interaction abilities, social motivation and assertiveness, understanding of social situations, and the ability to adapt in a group setting.


  • Enhance social interaction and communication skills (including motivating participants to direct their attention to others, follow social rules, etc.)
  • Increase awareness of self and others (recognising and understanding basic and complex feelings etc.)
  • Improving problem solving skills (through developing conflict resolution strategies etc.)
  • Enhancing social understanding and additional social skills (such as considering the perspective of others, apologising, etc.)
  • Improving self confidence
  • Increasing intrinsic motivation to socialise

KONTAKT Outcomes:

Improved social communication
Improved facial emotion recognition
Improved functional ability
Improved emotion regulation
Reduced autism symptom severity
Reduced social anxiety levels
Improved quality of life

KONTAKT Program Structure:

  • Pre-program interview
  • Primary school age: 16 sessions x 60 minutes (including afternoon tea)
  • Secondary school age: 16 sessions x 90 minutes (including a BBQ dinner)
  • Young adults: 16 sessions x 90 minutes (including a BBQ dinner)
  • Post-program interview
  • Program manuals for both parent and child
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KONTAKT will be delivered at Clinical Psychology Australia on the Mornington Peninsula on Thursday afternoons and evenings during school terms. For more information or to secure a place for your child, please call us on 0409 211 882 or send us an email at info@clinpsyc.com. Or fill in the contact form below.